How To Create Your Own Fashion Style

How To Create Your Own Fashion Style

Individual style can make a good first impression, keep you looking your best, and boost your confidence. Finding and developing your own look is a work in progress. Your style should work with your lifestyle, body type, and color preferences. Look for inspiration from fashion icons or internet resources, and experiment with how you express yourself.

For those of us with limited bank accounts, however, looking fashionable can be more of a challenge. Yet fashion experts say that you can look fabulous, regardless of you much you spend. Part of the key to becoming a fashionista is figuring out your personal style — then finding specific wardrobe pieces that highlight it.

So, in this article, I am mentioning 6 different ways to cultivate your own special look. Let’s take a look!

Ways To Create Your Own Special Look

1. Know Who You Are

How do you like to dress? Are you wild or more conservative? Do you prefer business formal or casual comfort? Is your current wardrobe classically elegant or fashion-forward? Consider the persona you want to present to the world.

Think about:

  • Your age. Clothing should always be age-appropriate. If you’ve got grandchildren and you’re dressing like them, there’s a problem. It’s OK to want to look youthful — just make sure your outfits suit your stage of life.
  • Your occupation. You wouldn’t wear jeans and a cut-off T-shirt to work at a law firm, and you wouldn’t wear super-high heels and a short skirt to teach kindergarteners. Use your profession as your guide when you shop. Once you’ve got an appropriate ensemble for your job, jazz it up with a few accessories to add your own personal flair.
  • Your lifestyle. Stiletto heels are just fine for the city, but they’ll make you stick out like a sore thumb if you live way out in the country. Fashion should combine form and function, and it should fit well with your surroundings.

Remember that you don’t need to buy designer duds to express your personal style. Even jeans and T-shirts can be stylish if you feel comfortable in them and choose the right ones.

2. Look for Inspiration

Find a celebrity or model (or a few) who best captures the style you want to emulate. Flip through the pages of leading fashion and entertainment magazines to find pictures of your style icons. Cut out those pictures and paste them into a binder or hang them up around your room to inspire you. Don’t copycat just use elements of that celebrity’s look as a springboard to create your own style.

Take your own pictures. Carry along a camera or sketchpad as you window shop.

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Don’t just look at what’s hot today. Scour vintage clothing stores and flip through the pages of old magazines and history books so you can see the origins of the latest styles. Look to both modern and classic fashion icons, like Jackie Onassis or Grace Kelly. You might find that your personal style combines elements from both your grandmother’s era and your own.

3. Know What You Want to Accomplish

Take out a notebook or journal and write down your goals — in life and in fashion. Then start to think about which design elements and accessories can help you accomplish those goals. If you want to get a better job, think about adding a few pieces to your suit collection. If you’re headed back to school, you’ll want to trade in a few of the suits you already have for some casual knits and jeans.

Once you have your list in hand, take it with you when you shop. It can also help to bring along some pictures or descriptions of what you already have in your closet. Ask the salesperson to help you pick out pieces that will enhance your current wardrobe and help you accomplish your goals.

4. Embrace Your Body Shape

One of the most important (if not the most important) things about getting dressed is understanding your body shape. You need to know which silhouette shows off the best. That is how you start creating your style – by getting to know your body.

If you were wondering how to know what suits you, it is quite easy. Take pictures in front of a mirror and ask your friends and family what they think. You can also find a lot of guides and shape calculators that can help you determine your silhouette or the one that suits you the most.

5. Essential Items and Finding Your Signature Pieces

Have you ever ask yourself how to wear all your clothes? Many women have enormous wardrobes full of items, shoes, and accessories they don’t wear. That is because they buy things they don’t need, that don’t suit them or the clothes they wear for one occasion only. The key is to build your wardrobe around essential pieces and find your signature items.

Creating your style is easier when you have a good foundation. Basic items like a pair of blue jeans and T-shirts in different colors are a must-have. Then you can add a plaid blazer, trench coat, and button-down as investment pieces. Leather boots and bags that you can style with all your outfits should also find a place in your wardrobe.

Signature pieces are the ones you love, and that describe your style. This can be an accessory (remember Anna Wintour’s sunglasses), color, or even hair and makeup (Kate Middleton’s impeccable locks). Find yours, and you will be recognized from a mile off.

6. Create a Uniform

Women often wonder how to dress less boringly. Well, even though creating a uniform isn’t helping a lot, it is also an excellent place to start. One of the biggest misconceptions is not buying something you already have. You can’t have enough T-shirts and basic sweaters. Just because you have your formula for dressing doesn’t necessarily mean you look dull.

It would help if you kept it simple, so when you buy new items, know exactly what you want and what you can mix and match. Play with makeup and accessories to spice up these ‘uniformed’ looks.

To Sum Up

Style is something you build over time. It becomes a part of your personality, and it is normal to evolve and change over time.

However, you should know what your favorite items are and always come back to them. As we have mentioned, the key things are to know your body, find essential items, and combine them into a uniform look that is anything but boring.

All women from the fashion industry have style icons. Therefore, don’t hesitate to be inspired by their looks and find someone to admire as well.

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