how to prevent grey hairs?- premature of greying hairs

how to prevent grey hairs?- premature of greying hairs

grey hairs

grey hairs-The hair has the property of losing its natural color as age advances, and the hair turns grey with age this is a natural tendency

But premature greying is a state of disease, and it is a common problem among females and children these days

Hair shine and blackness depends upon the sebum coming out of sebaceous glands present under the scalp

Sebum is a source of nourishment to hair and aids in hair growth and shine.

Premature greying is hereditary.

It is a state of disease, mental stress and a fatty diet is a significant cause of premature greying

Deficiency of vitamin B iron and iodine and copper are also the reason for premature greying

Due to mental stress there develops tension in the scalp and thereby stops the nourishment

provided by sebum and hair loses its natural color and also become dry, premature of greying hairs

The primary reason is dirty hair, dust, and dirt accumulates near the root of hairs

Thereby clogging the pores, so the roots become week

Intensive use of an electric hair dryer also makes the hair dry and leads to premature grey hairs

If hair dye is used on the onset of greying of hair, it further leads to more grey hair

because hair dye contains harmful chemicals which makes the hair dull and grey

Chronic cold, anemia, sinusitis, chronic diarrhea, and chemical oils which have acid leads to premature greying hairs

To Prevent grey hairs.

If the daily diet contains the essential nutrients, then this complaint can be reduced to some extent

Vitamins play a crucial role in curbing this problem it must be specially included in daily intake food

A misbalance amount of the same deteriorates hairs health, those who suffer from the disease above

should take vitamin B complex which helps, the primary source of this vitamin is wheat germ, liver, etc

fish and other seafood contain iodine and other salts which helps stop premature greying of hair

Consumption of apple and banana also increases blood and keeps hair healthy

Use butter made of cow milk in hair roots twice a week, any oils available in the market for blackening the hair

However, it will be better to use homemade oils instead of these oils, because they contain harmful chemical

Oil for blackening grey hairs

Cut ribbed gourd in small pieces and dry in the shade, soak and take parts in coconut oil for 3-4 days.

Later boil it till the oil becomes black, and pieces become powdery

Cool the oil and strain into a jar for use massage the scalp with the oil, and it will make the secure roots hair shiny and black

Amla (gooseberry) hair oil method

Cook gooseberry half kg till it becomes half mash nicely and strain, add it in 2 kg sesame oil

please keep it on slow fire till all water evaporates, cool, and strain a clean muslin cloth

  1. Oil extracted from colocynth seeds turns grey hairs black if used regularly
  2. The young prop root growing out from the old prop root of the banyan tree should be ground and cooked in coconut oil till the roots become dry and powdery
  3. put off the fire and let it cool, strain and keep in the glass jars, this is extremely useful for hair fall

preventing hair dryness

By the influence of dust and pollution the hairs become dry and lifeless, to get rid of these always wash your hair using a good shampoo

To get free of dull and lifeless strands apply honey to your hair and after half an hour wash it with lukewarm water

It will make your hair soft and silky

The leftover water after boiling pigweed makes the hair shining if it used for washing hairs

Because this water has iron content, in this process use lukewarm water

You don’t need to wash your hairs daily if you are hairs are dry don’t wash them daily

A dry hair will dry further if removed daily


oiling the hair weekly once is most helpful with massage roots stimulate, and growth could be better

Conditioning the hair with henna twice a month would help to prevent dryness and cover the grey hairs

Along with the henna, one should use other ingredients that contain the dryness.

below-mentioned preparation will help retain moisture and lecture

Give hot oil massage to the head twice a week, use a good conditioner after shampooing

Apply curd or egg white on your hair half an hour before shampoo

while traveling on bikes keep the hair covered so that dust does not settle down

Soak a handful of dry amla in 3-4 cups of water overnight, strain the liquid the following morning, and keep it aside.

grind the amla into a smooth paste and add sieved henna powder, juice of a lemon, and some tea decoction

two tsp of coconut oil, and two eggs white mix well into a thick, smooth paste by adding the water little by little

Keep the mixture away for 2-3 hours, or overnight for better color keep the mixture in an iron container

Apply the mixture on the hair and set it for 2-3 hours, wash off with plenty of water, this treatment can be done twice a month

Lastly, have a well-balanced diet with greens and fruits to own a lustrous mane

Food for health of a hair

Intake of citrus fruits, banana, pineapple, grapes, and seasonal vegetables

Take food that has iron B complex, use less sugar

After fruitarian be a balanced eater, raw vegetables, curd, rice, lentils should definitely

Vitamin C: Blackcurrant, green peppers, citrus fruits, avocados, artichokes, and vegetables

be consumed, eat almonds, raisins, fig, eat marmalade of gooseberry and carrots daily

Vitamin E: wheat germ, peanuts, vegetable oils, pulses, and green vegetables

Fatty and spicy foods are best to be avoided, by these remedies you can make your hair healthy, long, black, and beautiful

Vitamin D: sunlight, fish liver oils, oily fish, milk, and eggs

Protein: Meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and sunflower seeds

Vitamin A: butter, eggs, milk, carrots, tomatoes, oily fish, dark green leafy vegetables, and apricots

Iron: spinach, cockles, liver, kidneys, pulses, lentils, beans, peas, and dried fruits

Vitamin B: Milk, eggs, wholegrain cereals, bread, wheat germs, nuts, soybeans, fish, and meat

Calcium: cheese, nuts, milk, sardines, and root vegetables

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