makeup procedure for beginners step by step – [2021]

makeup procedure for beginners step by step - [2021]

Makeup procedure for beginners

Before you go for makeup, first wash your face cleanly and rub an ice cube over your face again and again.

Wash off with cold water. Pat with a towel softly and make skin dry.

If you have to move in the dust, the air applies a drop of astringent lotion on cotton and applies over the face.

  • Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin before makeup
  • Keep the base as natural as possible and opt for waterproof eye makeup
  • Use a cheek tint before applying the blush-it will last longer
  • Dab your lipstick once with compact powder before reapplying for an extended stay
  • Try not to opt for false eyelashes, and they might come out if it’s too hot

Cover dark circles with a good concealer

When you apply concealer, remember that under eye area is very delicate, and you should never rub it, or the tissues may break. Gently pat the under-eye area.

Pick a foundation of good quality take a little on your palm and mix it with a bit of face cream that you regularly use.

The foundation color should be matched to your skin, mix well, and apply on your face quickly before it dries without patches.

Now apply the compact powder nearly with a puff or brush, which you use regularly.

Apply an eye makeup base

Eye makeup is applied before you apply the eye shadow color. It prevents your shadow from setting in the folds and wrinkles around your eyes.

It prevents the eye shadow from getting oily or falling on your cheeks, and This keeps your eye makeup lasting longer.

Apply the eyeliner

The eyeliner has to be applied as close to the eyes as possible. If you want to give a smokey look, then first use a dark eyeshadow.

Near the eyelashes with the help of a brush, and on top of that, apply an eyeliner.

But this has to be very thin, and that too start from the middle of the eyes and move outwards.

Apply the same eyeshadow color on the bottom eyelid that you have applied below the eyeliner on top of the eyelid. It will give your eyes a smokey look.

Draw eyebrows if they are light with a pencil and eyeliner allows it to dry.

Apply eye shadow color

You can play with different eye shadow colors from the lids to the eyebrow and look pretty.

But the eye colors must blend along well to make your eyes look gorgeous.

You can use a combination of lighter, medium, and darker shades to create a sensation.

And then touch eye shadow lightly suitable to your (matching) dress color.

Use a highlighter

Dab the lightest eye shadow into the eye’s inner corner where the upper eyelid meets the bottom eyelid.

Use only a little bit. Will brighten your eyes significantly.

Highlight your brow bone

You can use the same light eye shadow color and It just gently dab it on your brow bone is highlighting

Curl your lashes

With the help of an eyelash curler to give your eyes a beautiful look.

Apply mascara to your eyelashes

Mascara gives volume to thin eyelashes and defines your eyes beautifully. If you have short and thin eyelashes, then mascara is necessary for you.

Brush up cheeks with pink, red, or brown color blush lightly.

Pout full of lipstick

Get color on your mind, Revealing the colors for daytime and evening events.

For the day, The ideal colors are peach and rose. Peach hues neutralize brown tones as well as grey undertones also,

A peach-colored cream-based blush on the eye, lips, and cheeks will reflect a fresh and healthy glow.

Rosy hues, another popular color of the season, offer the skin a fresh and neutral appeal.

For the evening, one can choose shades of berry, wine, and oxblood, create a marsala-colored look for those night-outs.

If your lips are thin, use liner if your broad lips apply lipstick over a lip balm do not use a liner.

For bigger lips, do not use dark colors, only prefer light colors. If you have a small lip, first shape it with liner and then fill color with a brush or lipstick.

Apply compact powder over the lipstick so that it will not disappear soon. If you prefer to use a shiner, apply lightly.

Finally, give a total look in the mirror about the face, matching, hairstyle, and then give a final touch-up with a brush.

See that you are not too much dressed than what is necessary for the occasion or situation.

When you have makeup, if you sweat, use tissue papers or touch with your hanky to the place and remove, do not rub it, as it removes the makeup.

Be sure after the party or junction is over before you go to bed, remove your makeup with a cleansing milk or washing your face.

If necessary, apply moisturizer and go to bed if at all skin is dry, then apply, else leave bare face and sleep.

Total outlook

Every woman can be beautiful irrespective of her physical attributes, provided she maintain her looks and nourishment provided to different body parts hair, skin, dressing, etc.

  1. Choose dress accessories as per your taste, and they must be fashionable.
  2. Your dress should be suitable for the situation, function, or job, you go and seasonal.
  3. The color of the clothing you wear should be ideal for the complexion of your skin.
  4. The accessories you match to your gown should be perfect with the correct color combination.
  5. Always peep into the latest trend and fashions and apparel per pattern, even hairstyles should be suitable for your face and clothing.
  6. Use lightly fragranced perfumes. Do not use perfume directly on your skin, which will again create problems.
  7. Proper weight maintenance is also essential.
  8. If you are a tall dress as per your height, walk stiffly.
  9. If you are short use heels and avoid when you are at home
  10. If you are fat, prefer synthetic, silk, satin.
  11. If you are thin, then prefer stiff and cotton materials.
  12. The dressed-up way, talkative style, outlook all care considered
  13. Maintain your face’s freshness and hair neatly without disturbing your hairstyle

The image of a person is now a day calculated more on beauty; beauty has become a primary aspect; you can attract people with your looks only.

Nowadays, women are fastly moving in this speedy world. She also aims to achieve many things. So she has to concentrate on beauty along with her work.

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