What is your Makeup Personality?

Take this quiz to find out what your makeup says about you!

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    What is the one product you can’t leave the house without?

    • Black mascara
    • Lipgloss or lipstick
    • Bronzer or blush
    • Eyeliner
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    What is your favourite lipstick or lipgloss shade?

    • Pink shades
    • Purple or Plum shades
    • Nudes or Clear Gloss
    • Reds
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    What do you get complements on the most?

    • Your eyes
    • Overall makeup look
    • Luscious Lips
    • My minimal yet pretty look
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    How long do you usually take to get ready?

    • 15 mins max – I don’t need much time
    • 30-45 mins – I can usually get my hair and makeup done in this time!
    • More then 1 hour – I like to take my time to make sure my makeup is always on point!
    • How ever long it takes my makeup artist to get me ready!
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    What is your favorite lipstick finish?

    • I love them all!
    • A nice matte finish
    • Chap stick or a nice light glossy finish
    • Cream or sheen based finish
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    What is your makeup routine?

    • I ALWAYS do a full face no matter what!
    • A little bit of mascara, gloss and I’m out the door!
    • A bit of blush, gloss and some concealer if I have a zit to cover up
    • Foundation, mascara, eyeliner and always a lipstick or gloss
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    How many days a week do you get ready or “glam”?

    • Rarely – maybe once and that’s if I have somewhere special to go!
    • Every single day. I don’t leave the house without glam.
    • I get ready most days – my trusty makeup routine is always my go to when I do glam.
    • The only days I don’t get ready are maybe once on the weekend
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    Be honest – how pretty do you think you are?

    • I’m uniquely pretty but I own it!
    • I know I’m pretty but I am modest about it
    • I know I’m pretty and I’m fully aware of it
    • I know I am pretty but when I make an effort, I feel even prettier

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