What Zodiac Sign Do You Attract?

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    Which word would you use to describe yourself?

    • Outgoing
    • Smart
  • Question of

    Choose one photo

    • Orange galaxy
    • Blue galaxy
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    Which month is your birthday?

    • January – April
    • May – September
    • October – December
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    Which show are you currently binge-watching?

    • Squid Game
    • Only Murders in The Building
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    After a long day of school, what do you like to do when you get home?

    • Take a long bubble bath
    • Sleep
  • Question of

    Which drink do you prefer?

    • Matcha Latte
    • Iced Coffee
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    If you could travel to any of these destinations, which one would it be?

    • Paris
    • Italy
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    Which hairstyle you like the most?

    • Fun and Colorful
    • Balayage

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