Which Taylor Swift Album Describes Your Life?

  • Question of

    Your relationship status is

    • Single
    • Dating
    • It’s complicated
    • Having fun
  • Question of

    Pick one of these destinations

    • New York
    • London
    • Los Angeles
    • Paris
  • Question of

    Which word would you use to describe yourself?

    • Witty
    • Strong
    • Confident
    • Smart
  • Question of

    After a long day of work/school, what is the first thing you do when you get home?

    • Read a book
    • Workout
    • Call my significant other
    • A self-care routine
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    Which kind of photos you post the most on Instagram?

    • Selfies
    • Photos with my partner
    • Photos of my trips
    • Photos of my pets
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    What kind of friend are you on your group?

    • The fun one
    • The queen bee
    • The life of the party
    • The geek one
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    What’s your favorite food?

    • Sushi
    • Pasta
    • Pizza
    • Tacos

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