Who we are

10PM Curfew is a dynamic and fast-growing lifestyle media conglomerate with over 60 channels, including @Girls, @Style, @Makeup, @Females, @Hypeblvd, and @Fit, plus Hollywood Life a digital media covering celebrity, fashion, beauty, women issues. We specialize in blending entertainment with relatability, offering mainstream content in lifestyle, culture, fashion, and beauty, tailored for Gen Z and Gen Alpha females.

How we do it

We establish brand value and effectively gain new customers for our brand partners. We achieve this by leveraging high-quality content from publishers and influencers, distributing it across social platforms using media investments.

At the crossroads of content, media distribution, & ecommerce lies 10PM Curfew. Our group of performance marketers have honed the skill of "Performance Branding" through years of expertise.

How it all began

We have engaged with 10,000+ influencers ranging from micro to celebrity.

Our founders are social media natives, who began building Instgram, TikTok and Snapchat verified handles into some of the most notable mainstream pages you can follow on social media.

Living in Los Angeles, Darren Lopes and Raz Romanescu began acquiring social media handles and were at the forefront of viral content.

They pioneered growth strategies for many social media handles by creating and curating viral content and building strong unique communities. They now have founded an owned and operated network that yields over 2 Billion video views monthly.

What we do

We work create, curate, and amplify the most engaging content, helping brands reach mainstream exposure across all social media platforms.

Mainstream access

Access to our network of iconic owned and operated handles to reach the mainstream.

Performance creative

Content is tested and trialed across market segments and is optimized to yield optimal CTR.

Paid media

Run your brand's paid media by getting exclusive access to our engaged mainstream network.

Authentic mainstream
brand storytelling

Iconic Owned & Operated Channels

High Credibility

Economic Media Deployment






High Level control