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10 Popular Female Podcasts We Love!

Title: 10 Popular Female Podcasts We Love!

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Meta Description: The right podcasts will help to inspire, empower, and connect. 10PM Curfew has your look at popular female podcasts we love. 

10 Popular Female Podcasts We Love!

If you love learning about new things, connecting with creators and artists, or diving deep into unsolved mysteries from the past and the present, podcasts are the way to go. They’re bite-sized and easy to enjoy on the go or while taking your morning hot girl walk, and there’s a topic, style, or theme to fit every type of woman at every stage of life.

That’s why we’re excited to share some of our favorite popular female-run podcasts here at 10PM Curfew, your trusty resource for all things female lifestyle. 

There’s something for everyone, and they all come with a framework of women-centric art and storytelling that is often left out of the most important conversations. Learn about the world and yourself with some of the most popular podcasts by, for, and about women.

What Are Some Popular Female Podcasts?

One of the coolest things about podcasts is that there are just so many to pick from — and many of them are written, researched, and produced by women. That means a chance to explore hidden histories and to get new perspectives on news, ideas, and books. 

These are just a few popular female podcasts we love to listen to. 

1. Terrible, Thanks for Asking

We’ve all said the words, “I’m fine,” when we’re not really fine, and all longed for that honesty and human connection without knowing how to ask for it. Terrible, Thanks for Asking is a podcast hosted by Nora McInerny, and it gets into the weeds on issues that are often hidden away, including grief, trauma, mental illness, and domestic violence. 

It is a show that doesn’t back away from the most difficult or impossible real-life issues many women experience, and the honesty and forthrightness are often what we all need to feel like we’re not alone in the world. 

2. We Can Do Hard Things

Glennon Doyle is the author of the book Untamed, and the host of the podcast We Can Do Hard Things. Like Terrible, Thanks for Asking, this podcast looks at the underside of life, when challenges, relationships, and loss feel too difficult to navigate all on our own. 

It gives perspective, grace, and support to those of us struggling to put one foot in front of the other and reminds us that we can do the hard things in life.

3. My Favorite Murder

True crime lovers will enjoy binging My Favorite Murder, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. This show is a standout, popular podcast for many reasons, including the unique and original content that you won’t find anywhere else and the comfortable and accessible relationship between the two hosts. 

This podcast brings humor, fun, and comedy to the true crime genre and offers insight and a keen eye to the local stories often swept under the rug.

4. Maintenance Phase

Maintenance Phase is the podcast for you if you ever feel overwhelmed by diet, health, and wellness culture. 

It’s hosted by Aubrey Gordon, the self-proclaimed “fat lady about town,” and Michael Hobbs, author of You’re Wrong About. It takes a critical eye to fads and trends in the wellness space and encourages listeners to think about society, health, and beauty in a whole new way. 

Maintenance Phase provides context and understanding to those of us raised with low-rise jeans and Weight Watchers but is sure to be a hit with any listeners who enjoy social commentary and funny writing. 

5. Unladylike

Unladylike is a podcast for all the girls who have had to fight for their space in the world or who never felt like they fit in the mold made well before they were born. Host Cristen Conger calls the podcast “A feminist lifestyle podcast on a mission to stay curious, build empathy and raise hell,” and it’s easy to see why from the first listen. 

It asks tough, timely, and universal questions like, “Why marry a person with the same passport?” and “How does it feel to discover queerness in straight relationships?” It offers solidarity to the feminist “killjoy” and exposes the connections of modern sexism to scrutiny, all with hope for the future. 

6. The Michelle Obama Podcast

The Michelle Obama Podcast is filled with wisdom, grace, and a love for humanity and womanhood. It’s hosted by former first lady Michelle Obama, and includes a star-studded and exemplary round-up of guests and interviews — hello, former president Barack Obama. 

The show feels a little like hanging out with your mom’s cool friends as they talk about relationships, love, friendship, and the lessons they want to pass down to future generations. It is the perfect podcast for connection, support, and hope. 

7. Death, Sex, and Money

Death, Sex, and Money is the podcast for girlies who don’t get asked back to dinner parties. It walks right past the door of polite conversation and barrels head-first into the topics we’ve long been told to avoid. In Death, Sex, and Money, hosted by Anna Sale, you’ll find many topics, including family, relationships, money, and everything in between. 

The show is a platform for stories from sitting Supreme Court justices to city bodega owners and provides an honest and humane look at what it means to be alive. 

8. UnF*ck Your Brain

Calling all eldest daughters, overachievers, anxiety-ridden perfectionists who definitely don’t base their value on their productivity. Or should we say, calling out. 

UnF*ck Your Brain is the podcast for the girls who were told they could do anything, so they did it all. It helps us to reframe an empowered mindset, to remove the clutter, and to put the power back in our hands without all the nonsense. 

Host Kara Loewentheil is dedicated to undoing the social conditioning and damaging self-talk to which many of us have become conditioned so that we can take the steps that will help us to create the lives we love.

9. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Modern dating is… a lot. 

For the girlies who loved the romance quizzes in the back of Cosmo Magazine to modern women learning how to navigate a career and find a guy who lives up to their favorite book boyfriends (or maybe just doesn’t lie on his profile), Why Won’t You Date Me is the podcast to check out today. It’s hosted by the inestimable Nicole Byer, who provides humor, insight, and genuine wisdom from her own experiences in the dating world.

One of the reasons we love this show so much is because it doesn’t shy away from the realities of dating, whether that means addressing racism on dating apps, or exploring the lived experience of dating as a fat person. Nicole gives the wisdom, and the tea, that feels like it would come from a cool older sister, and this podcast offers the life lessons we’ll listen to (we promise). 

10. The Hey Girl Podcast

The right role models help us to feel like we can achieve anything, which makes The Hey Girl Podcast the perfect antidote to Sunday Scaries and summertime sadness. 

It’s hosted by Alex Elle, who brings in voices from the women she knows, loves, and respects, and even some women she doesn’t know yet, and offers them a platform to share their wisdom and stories from their lives and relationships. 

This show centers on sisterhood and community and helps every woman listening to feel like she’s part of something much bigger than herself. 


There’s no denying that being a woman in the modern day can have its ups and downs. We often face challenges, changing dynamics, uphill battles, and journeys that sometimes make us feel alone. 

While there’s no one answer because there’s no one lived female experience, there are certainly helpful and creative resources we can turn to when we need answers, wisdom, or just a good laugh, including podcasts.

The good news is that there’s a podcast to fit whatever your needs might be in the moment, whether you want to explore the meaning of modern feminism or you’re looking to disappear into true crime stories with the experts. 

Podcasts make us feel connected and empowered, as though we’re sitting down with our favorite celebrities or part of a larger community with wisdom to share. Just check out the many options for podcasts you have to pick from, including ones that explore grief and healing and ones that help us to get through the difficult moments in life.

10PM Curfew has whatever you need for the next daily commute or laundry-folding session. We make it easy to find the podcasts that speak to your needs and to begin getting the wisdom, support, and joy that makes the difference. Find out how you can connect and work with our team today.


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