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Aesthetic Outfit Ideas To Add to Your Closet

Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression and a unique and creative way to tell the world who you are and what you like. Trends can even tell us about the world and what’s happening in the social, political, and economic climate during periods of history. But putting together the perfect outfit every day can feel overwhelming, especially if your style changes often or if you need a wide range of outfit types.

The good news is, you can pick more than one! 10PM Curfew has our eye on what the influencer girlies are all about and the types of aesthetic outfits you’ll want to consider adding to your closet today. 

What Are Some Aesthetic Outfit Ideas?

Aesthetics are always coming and going, which means it’s easy to find and customize the looks you like best without spending a ton of money on a brand-new wardrobe. In fact, you can create many of the coolest looks with thrifted or found goodies and polish them up with accessories. 

These are just a few aesthetic outfit ideas you’ll want to try out for the next cozy day in or special occasion. 

Summer Sundress

It all starts with cottagecore! The fast pace of life today has many of us longing for a simpler life and days spent in wildflower meadows or by the pond's edge eating fresh berries. 

If you’re all about the Beatrix Potter way of life, cottagecore florals and spring beauty looks are the perfect addition to your closet. Cottagecore tends to have a lot of flowers, but the fabrics are also flowy and comfortable, so think linens and pure cotton.

These outfits are easy to create because they only need one or two summer pieces paired together, with a cardigan or light sweater on the top. You can wear light sandals or slides, and you can let your hair loose or pull it back into a messy braid. Cottagecore dresses are effortlessly cute and comfortable all year long. 


We’ll definitely be seeing you at the Barbie premiere! Barbiecore is hot, hot, hot, as in hot pink. This style takes its inspiration from the classic colors of the classic doll and perfectly blends hyper-femininity with the boss babe style. 

After all, Barbie has had a lot of jobs. There are many ways to create a Barbiecore look, as long as you’re incorporating your favorite pink colors. 

Try an oversized pink blazer and black pants or high shorts, or a mini dress with a black jacket. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with the faux fur-lined kitten heels. 

Layered Neon

Another way to make a bold statement with your outfit is to pair different shades and colors of neon. It’s a little bit of Barbiecore, a little bit of streetwear, and a whole lot of fun. You can find neon options for your favorite pieces, whether that’s an oversized blazer, hot pants, or a full matching set. 

Consider using one neon piece as a highlight of your outfit, or mix and match the different colors for a standout look. If you’re not ready to go highlighter all the way, consider adding subtle neon accessories, patches, or stitching to a more neutral outfit. 

Y2K Fits

We all know that fashion history repeats itself, so now is the time to beg your older sister for her favorite high school pieces. Y2K fashion is definitely in style right now, and it’s easy to see why from the very first glance. 

It’s giving bootcut, babydoll, and brand name, and there are so many fun and creative accessories to really push your Y2K look to the next level. 

You can make the most of micro and slip dresses, embrace the low-slung denim, and maybe even try out a pageboy cap if you’re feeling daring. Y2K fashion is the perfect style for the retro fashion lover, and there are so many different ways to make it your own. 


Love retro, but just not that into Simple Life style? You can’t go wrong with a pair of overalls. Overalls are a staple of 1990s fashion, and you can embrace a vintage vibe or modernize them to wear today. 

To go full, well, Full House, consider pairing your favorite overalls with plaid and white tees and a pair of high-top sneakers. Today, you can wear them over form-fitting tanks or tees, pair them with low-top white sneakers, or even add a belt to bring some shape to the look. 

There’s no denying that overalls are a fun and versatile piece you can use repeatedly. 

Coastal Grandma

If you’re longing for the simple life but you’re more beach weather than cottage girl, the coastal grandma vibe just can’t be beat. 

Coastal grandma, also called coastal granddaughter, is giving Newport, Cape Cod, and Hamptons in the summer, and it won’t steer you wrong. This style incorporates many whites and blues, but there’s also a big emphasis on layers, comfort, and coziness, which is why you’ll find yourself tossing a sweater over your favorite tank to make the look complete.

Consider a pair of light-wash denim shorts and an oversized white button-down with a chunky sweater for late-night bonfires. Gold jewelry, neutrals, and toile patterns are all part of the coastal look. 

Long Skirts and Chunky Sweaters

Don’t put away your favorite chunky sweater just yet. It can also serve you well when layered over a long skirt or maxi dress. 

Sweaters that cinch at the waist layer in a totally cute way over longer, more feminine pieces, and the combination of the two can make for a graceful and elegant look perfect for the next rainy day. We’d suggest pairing your coziest sweater and skirt set with an oversized tote bag for your next trip to the farmer’s market.

Old Money Aesthetic

Calling Blair and Serena and all fans of the old money, Ivy League style. The old money aesthetic makes the most of well-tailored neutrals expertly paired to create a chic, elevated, and totally untouchable look. 

If you want to achieve the perfect “lunch at the Plaza” outfit, the old money aesthetic is the design to die for. Slacks, loafers, and form-fitting blazers make for the perfect outfit, and you’ll want to pair it all with delicate gold jewelry and oversized sunglasses. You don’t want the paps to recognize you, after all. 

Granola Girl

If you’re skipping the city and headed for the great outdoors, the granola girl look might be a little more your style. Granola girlies love the sun on their face and the wind in their hair, and the best clothes for function more than fashion. Granola girl outfits tend to be a little athletic, a little organic, and a little hippie. 

You’ll pair your favorite hiking boots with lightweight summer pants or shorts and pack a backpack with your Nalgene and, what else, your granola bars. The accessory that really ties this whole look together is the perfectly folded bandana, which will help to keep your hair out of your eyes on the next great outdoor adventure.


Another trending aesthetic style is ballerinacore, which takes its inspiration from the fashion ballerinas traditionally wear during practice. Ballerinacore relies on the use of neutrals, with the addition of light, ballet pink, and blends athleisure with hyper-femininity. 

You’ll have a lot of layers, with sweaters, long sleeves, tanks, and sports bras, as well as loose skirts and leggings, and all the different layers give movement and grace that earns this style its name.


Coming up with the perfect outfit doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are many different trending styles, looks, and outfits to make your own today, and you can mix and match different pieces and accessories to create something that feels like your own. After all, fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression and the perfect way to walk through the world with confidence and pride.

Explore some of the different trending styles and looks, from the crunchy granola girl out on her next hike to the coastal grandma girlies sipping spritzes at the Cape. The good news is that you can take different pieces and elements from each of these looks, so you can continue trying out new styles until you find the one that feels like you.

10PM Curfew can help. We have a closer look at what all the influencers are up to and what trends are coming up soon. Learn more about how you can join our team and create outfits you really love today.


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