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Graphic Eyeliner Looks To Try

The cat eye is a classic, and we’re definitely not the ones to turn down our noses at the greats. But if you’re looking to take your eyeliner skills to the next level, we’ve got the styles and accessories that will make you worthy of a spot on the cover. 

These graphic eyeliners are a bold and exciting way of adding color, shape, and movement to every makeup look, and they leave plenty of room for creativity and self-expression.

When it comes to makeup looks that make it work, graphic eyeliner is a trend that’s here to stay. Find the styles and designs you like best, and start creating the looks that show the world who you really are today. 

The Best Graphic Eyeliner Looks

One of the reasons we love graphic eyeliner looks so much is that there’s just no wrong way to go about them. And while we recommend having the micellar water close by (because we’ve all had a cat eye go askew), these are looks you can achieve with a bit of practice… and a steady hand. 

You can follow your favorite influencers, or you can create your own when the inspiration strikes. Graphic eyeliner looks may include fine lines, color coverage, or anything else that comes to the mind of the MUA. These are just a few of our favorite graphic eyeliner looks. 

1. Flower Bursts

Graphic eyeliner is typically applied over the curve of the eye and sometimes under the curve of the eye, depending on the style you’re going for. These areas have natural lines and movement, so it only makes sense to bring a little style to the skin in the form of cute and elegant flowers. 

Flowers are relatively easy to draw by hand, even on the skin, and you can get them nice and small without losing their shape. You can add your florals at the front and back corners of the eyes, or draw a whole line of daisies across the hood, for the perfect cottagecore summer look. 

2. Ribbons

Maybe you’re looking for a sense of movement and grace. These cheer-ready ribbons styles are perfect. They weave in and out of each other for a totally three-dimensional look, and it’s surprisingly easy to get that unique effect. You’ll want to start by drawing a curve over the eye and then alternating a second line over the first, skipping every other. 

This gives it the effect of the two ribbons weaving together. Use colors that match for a chic style, or contrast for that extra boldness. 

3. Feathers

There are so many different ways to add a feathering effect to your next makeup look, but this might be one of our favorites. 

Pull out the eyeliner the same way you would if you were making a cat eye, but above the natural crease of the eye. 

For a feathering look, flick it high at the corners and double or triple the flicks to get more motion and boldness. This is an eye look that doesn’t back down from a challenge. 

4. Flames

Calling all fire signs. Graphic eyeliner flames are totally the style for you, and it’s easy to create them with the same movement as creating those feathery styles. Instead of straight lines at the edges, though, you want to give the lines a swirling, fiery effect so it looks like flames in motion. 

Mix and match your favorite reds, oranges, and yellows to get a realistic-looking fire, or embrace modern pop art with bright colors that stand out. 

5. Shooting Stars

If you’re all about the center stage, this shooting star style is a guaranteed hit from the dressing room to the debut. Create a line moving from one corner of your eye to the other, leaving enough room to draw the star. 

Make the tail of the shooting start wider or smaller, depending on how you like it, and add dots and glitter to bring this look to life. Shooting star graphic eyeliner is a look that will bop you to the top. 

6. Around and About

Graphic eyeliner doesn’t have to be all straight lines and tight corners. If you love organic shapes and styles, or you’re all about the unlikely silhouette, consider a round graphic eyeliner look instead. This style starts at the inner corner of the eye and loops wide and circular to just under the eyebrow. 

You can achieve a three-dimensional look by layering different shades of the same color, with the darker color at the bottom to give the appearance of a shadow. We’re all about the space age styles and 1960s futurama, and this is a look that Judy Jetson would rock. 

7. Butterfly Wings

What’s more fun than totally fem makeup? You can wear butterfly eyeliner to the Ren Faire or the classroom, and you’re sure to get compliments every step of the way. We love a monarch butterfly wing with an exaggerated cat eye and lines of orange and black. 

Butterfly wings are also fun to dress up with decals, jewels, and sparkles to create the perfect summer party look.

8. Polka Dots

Another really fun way to embrace your inner kid is to create an eyeliner look that’s all about the polka dots. You could go full pop art, and keep them uniform and evenly spaced, or you can play around with size, color, and even shape, to provide movement, fun, and the color that makes your new look, well, pop. Another fun way to really elevate your polka dot eyeliner style is to add in decals and jewels, so you sparkle with every blink. 

9. Inside Outside

What’s life without a little balance? (That’s our way of saying have the pizza for breakfast?) 

You can bring out the balance in your favorite eyeliner look by drawing matching lines moving both inward and outward from the center of your eye, overlapping in the middle. 

Start with a traditional cat eye on the top lid, and draw the bottom line a little lower than you otherwise would. In a different shade or color, draw a mirror cat eye past the inner corner of your eye and close to your nose. This creates a unique balance of shades and shapes that will stand out. 

10. Bursts of Color

We’re in the Y2K fashion revolution, and there’s no reason your makeup shouldn’t match your style. Since Y2K brings about the fun and the funky, the perfect graphic liner look embraces both, and it does so in just about the boldest way. 

Consider color-blocking your graphic liner look, just like your favorite bomber jacket, and don’t be afraid to apply bright colors below the bottom of your eye, as well. Different color eyeliners and eye shadows are really helpful for making this look fun, nostalgic, and modern all at once. 

11. All Mod All the Time

And speaking of nostalgic — we can’t talk about bolder liner looks without paying homage to some of the greats, like the mod girls of the 1960s

If you’re inspired by Twiggy in all things — and who isn’t — you can bring the look home with a bold curve across the lid of your eye or daisy details at the corners and on the lids. One of the most recognizable looks is the drawn mascara, which is meant to imitate your lashes, but is drawn directly onto the skin. 

This graphic eyeliner look will help you get the attention of a modern James Bond. 


Makeup is always changing and evolving, and that means we always have a new opportunity to try something different, to push the envelope, and to create a style revolution. 

One way to really do something unique and fascinating for the next big day or every day is to try out a graphic eyeliner style. With the right eyeliner tools, you can create designs, give patterns a go, and mix and match geometric and organic shapes. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with lots of cute colors.

Whether you take your inspiration from 1960s British supermodels or your favorite spring butterflies, there’s a graphic eyeliner look you’ll want to try out for your new GRWM, and 10PM Curfew is here to help you find it. We’re the team you can trust for style news, fashion trends, and the looks, styles, pieces, and products you won’t want to miss. 

We’re all about freeing your expression so you can create trends that might just be featured in the next TikTok roundup. Find your new graphic eyeliner look with support from our team today.


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