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How Many Views Is Viral?

Shot a YouTube short that's straight fire, but still waiting for that viral spark? Don't worry; we've got your back. 

This blog will crack the code to internet stardom. We're spilling all the tea on the exact steps you need to take to go viral. We will also be dishing out the deets on what view count actually qualifies as viral. 

Get ready to level up your online game and claim your spot in the digital hall of fame. 

No more holdups. Let's begin. 

What "Going Viral" Actually Means? 

"Going viral" is a whole new level of online fame that requires a powerful combo of views and likes, served up with a lightning-fast distribution.

So, listen up. If your video takes a leisurely two years to hit five million views, sorry to burst your bubble, but you ain't going viral.

To truly claim the title of "viral queen," your video needs to spread like wildfire, no cap. 

So, buckle up and get ready to unleash the power of virality.

How Do Videos Become Viral?

Picture this: you casually upload a video one night, and the next morning, BAM. You're the hottest talk on every social media platform. How does it even happen? How do you transform from a regular internet user to the next big thing?

The answer is simple: word of mouth. If you've ever experienced the office gossip scene, you know the power it holds. That's exactly how videos go viral overnight. It all starts with Susan in marketing, who shares the video with her squad, and they pass it along to their crew, and the sharing frenzy takes off…

In a matter of minutes, you go from being just another face on social media to an actual internet celeb. 

Now that you're in the loop, here's the deal: to go viral, you gotta serve up snatched content that grabs the internet's attention. 

Can Any Video Become Viral?

When it comes to chasing viral fame, one burning question that keeps you awake at night is, "What kind of videos actually go viral?" 

Here's the scoop: there's no one-size-fits-all answer because any type of video can impress the masses. The secret to unlocking the gates of viral wonderland lies in creating video content that hits different. 

Here's the real deal: whether it's a hilarious skit, a heartwarming moment, a mind-blowing stunt, or even a quirky dance routine, any video has the potential to go viral — if it strikes a chord with the online community. 

So, don't hold back — let your imagination run wild and watch your content soar to viral heights.

How Many Views Is Considered Viral?

An average person spends 19 hours per week watching videos. So, if you're posting videos publically, you'll easily receive a couple of hundred views with some time and patience. But when going viral, we don't follow the boomer's term of slow and steady wins the race. Instead, the right mantra is "fast and steady wins the internet."  

Let's circle back to how many views you need to be considered viral. Sadly, no one knows the right answer. Some "experts" will tell you that you should cross 5 million views in 3 to 7 days to make it to the viral team. Meanwhile, others claim that 100,000 is the lucky number.

In this situation, how will you ever figure out that you are now an internet celeb?

It's simple. If your video crosses the 5 million mark in less than a week, congratulations, my friend — you've officially earned the title of "internet celebrity." It's time to embrace your newfound fame and ride that viral wave like a pro.

How Many Likes Constitute as Viral?

Let's unravel the mystery of likes in the viral realm, shall we?

If your video racks up millions of views, but the likes don't quite match up, does it still qualify as viral? 

Well, that depends on the social media platform you posted it on. Different platforms have their own vibes and metrics to determine virality. So, while likes do play a part, they're not the sole factor in determining whether a video goes viral. It's all about understanding the unique dynamics of each platform and how the audience engages with your content.

Talking about Meta and Instagram, your video lands in the viral box with just 100,000 likes. But the competition is real when we shift to TikTok, as the requirement goes up several notches. To become a TikTok celeb, your likes and views should fall between 250,000 to 1 million. 

6 Epic Hacks To Blow Up and Go Viral

Time for some real talk. 

When it comes to going viral, there's no magical formula that fits everyone. Yeah, it's a bummer, but trust us, we've got your back.

You never know what tiny spark ignites the share frenzy. The good news is you can create content that grabs attention and boosts your chances of going viral. 

So, buckle up and get ready to rock these mind-blowing tips that will turn you into a certified celeb.

1. Get in on the Trending Action

If you want to go viral, you gotta stay on top of the freshest social media trends. Trust us, falling behind is a major buzzkill for your viral dreams. 

So, here's the deal: keep those peepers peeled and stay in the loop. 

Whether it's the hottest audio trends or the latest viral video ideas (hello, cooking reels), you must shoot a video that taps right into the trend.

Stay ahead of the game, ride the trend wave, and watch your content skyrocket to viral stardom. It's time to level up and conquer the internet, my friends.

2. Level Up Your Game With Hashtags

Hashtags are like glow sticks. They lead a flow of peeps straight to your account. And you know what that means, right? More traffic equals more likes and views. 

It's crazy, but true — a single hashtag can score you a sweet 29% boost in interactions on your posts. So don't sleep on the power of relevant hashtags, because they're the secret sauce to optimizing your videos and leveling up your online presence.

3. Drum Up Share-Worthy Content Ideas

One rule to remember, you can't go viral by being basic. Instead, you have to spread your creative wings and use a content script that offers something new and entertaining. If you're copying other people's ideas, no one will give your videos the time of day. Therefore, you need to think of concepts that convince people to press the share and like buttons.

4. Use a Hook and Line Strategy

When you start dropping your posts, you’ve gotta make sure the opening part is straight-up fire. It needs to be a hook that grabs peeps by the feels and leaves them begging for more.

Oh, and here's the real deal breaker: keep that hook short and on point. No time for dilly-dallying if you really want to get the job done.

5, Upgrade Your Editing Skills

Would you like to watch a badly-edited and low-quality video? Of course not. Neither does 11% of your followers. Instead of making your viewers suffer through terribly edited videos, take a video editing course to up your skills. 

6. Be Consistent

If you're aiming for viral status, being all over the place like a mood swing ain't going to cut it. Trust us; your followers won't hesitate to ghost you if you're playing hot and cold. 

So, don't let your emotions mess with your posting schedule. Instead, express your feelings through your content, and make sure you drop posts at least once a week to stay fresh on your followers' feeds.

It's a Wrap

That's all you need to know to make a video that can help you go viral. Make sure to follow our tips to get effective results. You can thank us later.

Hang on a moment. Don't forget to check out 10PM Curfew if you want to get your hands on more insider tips on creating viral content. 


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