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Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin

So, you've got the combo skin type? 

Get ready to dive into the ultimate skincare routine that will have your skin glowing like a Snapchat filter. We're about to spill the tea on how to achieve that au naturel look, where you can rock with just sunscreen on your face, gloss on your lips, and a hint of tint on your cheeks. 

Trust us — it's as natural as it gets.

Now, get ready to embark on a journey to conquer that combination skin of yours. We've got the Holy Grail of steps laid out for you, complete with product recommendations to make your skincare routine a breeze. Let's kick-start this transformation. 

Step 1: Cleanse Regularly 

Why cleanse? 

Cleansing is like hitting the reset button for your skin. It's super important. 

Let's break it down. Throughout the day, your skin gets exposed to all sorts of dirt, pollutants, makeup, and excess oil buildup. Yikes. These can clog your pores, leading to breakouts, dullness, and even premature aging. No one wants that, right?

That's where cleansing comes in to save the day. By washing your face with a gentle cleanser, you're able to remove all the gunk and impurities that have accumulated on your skin. It's like giving your face a fresh start. 

Cleansing not only helps prevent breakouts and blemishes, but it also allows your skin to better absorb the products you'll be using in your skincare routine.

We recommend cleansing with CeraVe Hydrating Cream to Foam Cleanser. This cleanser is a total game-changer for combination skin. 

It's formulated with essential ceramides that help maintain your skin's natural barrier, keeping it balanced and happy. It comes in gel and cream-based options, too. 

Step 2: Get Your Glow On: The Power of Exfoliating 

Your skin is a canvas, and every day, it's exposed to environmental stressors, dead skin cells, and buildup from products. 

Over time, all of this can leave your complexion looking dull, rough, and tired. Fortunately, exfoliating can save the day. Exfoliating your skin removes all those dead skin cells and reveals a radiant, youthful glow. 

By sloughing away the old and making room for the new, exfoliation helps to unclog pores, prevent breakouts, and even out your skin tone. It boosts circulation, stimulates cell renewal, and promotes a smoother texture.

So, if you want to achieve that lit-from-within glow and maintain a healthy, vibrant complexion, exfoliating should definitely be a non-negotiable part of your skincare routine. Trust us; your skin will thank you for it.

Let's skip to the good part that will only happen after you get the dead skin off your face. Exfoliate for a silky soft complexion.

We recommend using Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. It contains salicylic acid (BHA) that dives deep into your pores, unclogging them and preventing those annoying breakouts. 

Not only does it keep the acne at bay, but it also reduces redness and evens out your skin tone. Talk about a multitasker.

Step 3: Hydrate Like a Pro

Hydrating your skin is an absolute game-changer for achieving a plump, youthful, and healthy complexion. Your skin goes through a lot daily, from harsh weather conditions to exposure to pollutants and drying elements. This can leave our skin feeling parched and tight, and even lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. That's where hydration comes in.

By replenishing and locking in moisture, hydrating products help to restore your skin's natural balance, improve elasticity, and give you that dewy glow. It's like giving your skin a big drink of water, nourishing it from within. 

So, whether it's through hydrating serums, moisturizers, or face masks, make hydration a priority in your skincare routine. Your skin will thank you by looking plump, radiant, and oh-so-gorgeous.

We recommend using Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream. It's a total moisture bomb leaving your skin feeling plump and hydrated without that greasy feeling. Its gel formula absorbs like a dream and quenches your skin's thirst with hyaluronic acid, a superhero ingredient that holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. 

Step 4: Nourish Your Skin With a Moisturizer 

Combination skin is a unique mix of oily and dry areas, which can make finding the right balance a bit tricky. However, moisturizing is still vital for achieving healthy and harmonized skin.

This helps to hydrate the dry areas of your combination skin, preventing them from becoming flaky, tight, and uncomfortable. It nourishes and softens the skin, restoring its moisture balance and promoting a smoother texture.

Moreover, moisturizing is not just for dry skin — it's also important for oily areas. When you skip moisturizing, your skin might compensate by producing even more oil, leading to a greasy and shiny appearance. By using a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer designed for combination skin, you can provide the necessary hydration without clogging pores or exacerbating oiliness.

It also helps to maintain the overall health and integrity of your skin barrier. A well-hydrated and fortified skin barrier is better equipped to defend against environmental stressors, prevent moisture loss, and promote a more balanced complexion.

We recommend Augustinus Bader's The Cream as the ultimate moisturizer for combination skin. It's super-light texture provides a smooth finish and gives you a sudden youthful glow.

Step 5: Protect Your Skin From Sun Rays 

Let's talk about why sunscreen is an absolute must for your combo skin. No matter what type of skin you have, the sun's rays can wreak havoc on your precious face.

Sunscreen shields your skin from those sneaky UVA and UVB rays that can lead to sunburn, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. In fact, the daily use of sunscreen can reduce the risk of developing SCC by about 40% and lower melanoma risk by 50%. Yep, it's serious business. Even if you've got oily or acne-prone areas, don't skip the sunscreen because it's a superhero that prevents further damage.

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and pesky hyperpigmentation. Combo skin can be prone to dark spots and unevenness. However, applying sunscreen regularly helps keep things in check and minimizes those concerns. You'll be rocking that smooth and even complexion. 

Let's talk about aging, shall we? Those UV rays speed up the aging process, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. But hold up, sunscreen is here to save the day. By slathering on sunscreen every day, you're saying no to premature aging. You'll keep that youthful glow and keep people guessing your real age.

Find a lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen that suits your combo skin. Go for SPF 30 or higher, and don't forget to generously apply it all over your face and neck. We recommend the EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen. It's lightweight, oil-free, and won't clog your pores, making it perfect for combo skin. Plus, it's formulated with niacinamide, a superhero ingredient that helps fade dark spots and control oil production. 

What Are Some Extra Tips for a Glow-Up?

Want some bonus tips to level up your skincare routine and keep that glow game strong? We got you covered. Here are a few extra tricks to slay that skincare game:

Drink Water, Stay Hydrated 

Stay hydrated, babes. Sipping that water is key for your combo skin game. It keeps you glowing, balanced, and slaying that perfect mix of moisture and oiliness. Not to mention, hydration is also a TikTok trend.

Get your Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep isn't just a myth; it's a real thing. Your skin does its best work while you're catching those Zzzs, so make sure you're getting enough shut-eye. Your skin will thank you with a fresh-faced glow. Get your beauty sleep with a solid 8 hours at night, and watch those pesky eye bags and lackluster skin bid you farewell. Wake up refreshed and ready to slay. 

Bid Farewell to Stress

Stress is like a total buzzkill for your skin. It can lead to breakouts, dullness, and all-around blah-ness. Find ways to destress and relax — whether it's through yoga, meditation, or binging your favorite Netflix show.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

You've heard it before, but we'll say it again — eat your greens. Filling your plate with fruits and veggies packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals will nourish your skin from within. 

So go ahead, snack on those blueberries and munch on that kale salad. Your skin will be radiant and glowing like a star.

Don't Ditch Your Skincare

Did you know 22% of women changed their skincare routine during the pandemic? While experimenting with different routines is great, you still need to be consistent. Stick to a routine like it's a sacred ritual. Remember, good skin doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and commitment of about six to 12 weeks to see those glow-up results.

 So don't give up; keep slaying that routine day in and day out.

Take Care of Your Skin, Boo

Now you've received all the knowledge and products you need to conquer the world of skincare. So go forth, and slay that skincare routine like the fierce individuals you are. 

To get more info on skincare, fashion, and lifestyle, don't hesitate to check out 10PM Curfew. You find everything you need here. 


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