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Festival Makeup Looks You’ll Want To Try

What’s more fun than festival makeup? Whether you’re all about the rave or you love the music festival scene, there’s a stylish look that will help you to feel bold, inspired, and cool, and you can adjust and personalize it to fit your favorite festival outfit. 

10PM Curfew has the closer look at the styles your favorite influencers are loving and top makeup trends to try out before your next festival. 

What Are Some Festival Makeup Looks To Try?

Of course, the different makeup trends you try will depend greatly on the type of festival you’re attending and your personal style. It’s always a good idea to mix and match looks, materials, and colors, to create a final look that you really love. 

Here are just a few of our favorite makeup trends you’ll want to give a go today. 

Corner Detailing

If you love getting festive for the next festival but don’t want to worry about putting on a whole face — or keeping it from melting in the hot summer sun — then consider a subtle and stylish corner detail. 

The cool thing about adding designs to the corners of your eyes is that you can do it with whatever materials you already have in your makeup kit.

If you’re a wizard with an eyeliner pencil, consider drawing on hearts or stars for a fun little touch, or grab your favorite eyelash glue and add bejeweled decals at the edges of your eyes. This will add some shimmer and movement to your festival style, all without too much time or work. 

Highlight or light-colored jewels at the inner corners of your eyes will also make your eyes bigger and brighter, so you can get the perfect picture for the ‘gram. 

Bright Eyeliner

Speaking of eyeliner! The looks are limitless when it comes to creating an eyeliner style for your next festival. You can make eyeliner ribbons and movement on and around the eye in all your favorite shades and shapes to add a touch of the creative. 

Some of the most fun festival eye looks include bringing the liner up into the crease of the eye, but you can also have them wrap around the eyes and even change the color of your liner for dynamic elegance and fun all rolled into one look.

Diamond Tears

When it comes to festival looks, the more gemstones, the better. One really cool and unique way to make the most of the gemstones in your kit is to add a waterfall or tear design extending from the lower lids. 

This is a particularly standout look if you have different shapes of gemstones since you can start with the bigger ones at the top and get smaller as they fall lower on your cheeks. Make this look as bold or subtle as you like, with variety for size, shape, and even gem color. 

Shimmery Freckles

If you want to add that touch of shine but with a little less glue, a shimmery freckle set might be the festival makeup for your style. Freckles are all the rage when it comes to new makeup looks, and you can add them to your cheeks and the bridge of your nose with a brown mascara brush and a few light touches. 

You can take this look up a notch for the next festival by using glittery mascara or even shaped glitter, like stars or hearts. Make the freckles as close or as spread apart as you like for a touch of fun with a standout look.

If you like the freckle design but you’re over the sparkles, consider using a light brushing of your favorite colors of eyeshadows across your cheeks and nose. A red or pink will be cute and romantic, and blues, yellows, and greens are perfect for standing out at the next music festival.

1960s Mod

What’s more fun than 1960s styles? The mod look is a reference to the “modernists” of the 1960s, who bucked tradition and tried out different bold, creative, and oh-so-fun styles that didn’t hold back. From this period, we saw an emergence of miniskirts, go-go boots, and tight dresses, and we saw makeup looks that totally hold up for today’s festivals. 

Some of the best mod makeup includes bold liner on both the waterline and crease of the eye, with a sharp wing or cat eye at the corner. Typically, these dark black lines were drawn over pastel eyeshadows in shades of blues, pinks, and yellows.

You can also draw on your lower lashes, adding extra depth with white liner next to the black liner, or even draw full flowers around one eye. This is a fun makeup style to match your next festival outfit, as well. 

Half Masquerade

Go back in time even further and embrace the dark and daring masquerades — or maybe the fun and flirty masquerades! Use your favorite face paint, eyeliner, or gemstones to create a half-mask around your eyes and across the bridge of your nose and the apple of your cheeks. 

You can follow a symmetrical or asymmetrical design and make it as detailed or subtle as you like. This is a truly unique makeup idea that you can really personalize as your own. 

Eye Crease Decals

You can use your favorite liner to make an eye look that really stands out, but that’s not all! Using gemstones in the crease of your eyes is a striking and bold way to add shimmer and shine without much work. You can have cascading colors or shapes and tie them into the shades you’re using on the surface of the lid. 

Bring the gemstones down from the crease to connect with the ones at the corners of your eye for a really dynamic and exciting look that anyone can pull off. 

Bold Lashes

What’s more fun than a set of lashes that really stand out? You have your choice of fake lashes or traditional mascara, but you can also take your festival look up a notch by using colored mascara in a bold or subtle shade, depending on your preference. 

If you really want to make your lashes pop, layer sparkles and glitter over your favorite colored mascara for a striking look that will help you get into the spirit of the festival. 

Neon Embellishments

If you’re just not a gemstone or glitter girlie, don’t worry! There are some other totally iconic ways you can stand out at the next festival — and it all starts with neon! Add as much or as little neon to your look as you like, using it as an eyeshadow, eyeliner, or even with the application of neon decals and designs. 

This can be a fun way to tie your makeup look in with your outfit and hairstyle for your next festival. 

‘90s Pop

You can’t go wrong with 1990s styles! After all, what’s more fun and festive than butterfly clips and scrunchies? Tie it all together with a totally 1990s makeup look, including pastels in the same color as your clips and looks of shimmery face and body glitter. 

You can also go for a bold liner on the lip and brightly colored eye shadow to stand out in a retro, cute, and creative way. This is the look perfect for throwback music festivals. 

Sponge Ombre

A sponge ombre is one of the easiest and most standout looks you can add to your face. You can do this with any combination of rainbow colors, and all you need is a makeup sponge. 

Dab a little of each color onto the sponge, as thick or light as you like, and then layer it onto your skin to get a line design. This looks so cute over cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, and you can make it extra special with gemstone detailing.


There’s nothing more fun than a festival with friends, and you want to make sure you have the perfect look for making memories. In addition to outfits and hairstyles, that means coming up with a makeup design that fits your personality and the theme, and you have lots of fun and unique options to pick from.

Explore some vintage and throwback styles, like 1960s mod and 1990s retro, or make the most of your lash glue with gemstone decals in various designs. You can even embrace neon or pastels, depending on what you like best.

Find the best looks for every event and occasion right here at 10PM Curfew. We have the inside scoop on what all the Instagram hotties are wearing, and we want to bring you onto our team! Learn more today.


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